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2013 OSIRIS DJ Lineup Released!!!Aug 21, 2013


Special thanks to Travis Trentham and Spencer Bitz, and all the other networkers for making all our DJ dreams come true for 2013...

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Artwork courtesy of the amazing Travis Ramos...

ALRIGHT its COUNTDOWN!!!Aug 14, 2013
We're on our way HOME!!! Putting the finishing touches on all the stuff!
HERE WE GO!!!Mar 01, 2013
We are getting started on a great 2013 burn!  Fundraisers and camp facilities are now in the planning stage and we need YOUR help!  Please get involved and give something back to the community.  Signups for Osiris Camp 2013 are now in progress on our Camp Members Page.
THANKS!!!Sep 08, 2012
I feel how weak and fruitless must be any word of mine which should attempt to provide gratitude worthy of the love and effort put forth by those who have contributed to our dream. I am humbled. Nevertheless, I, and the Council, proffer a very grateful and heartfelt thanks to all those folks who participated in our community and made our dreams into reality, if only for a week – we could not have done it without you. We share with you the solemn pride that must be yours to have laid such a sacrifice upon the alter of the playa for all to enjoy. You have enhanced people’s lives and spirits. We only part to meet again…The Man Burns in 357 days….Scott
WOW what an Incredible BURN!!!Sep 04, 2012
I had yet another series of life-changing epiphanies – can I not stay the same? Must I embrace change, knowledge, and growth at every point in my life? – YES, and thanks be to the playa for providing the Fruits of our Fertility!!! Everything and Everybody was fantastic and we sure through some pretty awesome parties in the Ginormous Pyramid – that place was blowing up!!! The shear energy being put forth by our performers and focused with the crowd by the ancient portal was mind-blowing…Scott

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Mission Statement

The Osiris Burners is a Burning Man community group destined to build one of the greatest Esplanade theme camps the burn has ever known....

As you step out across the dusty expanse of the playa, a warm wind caresses your face, your eyes scan the horizon.  You are here to witness the rise of the great pyramid, a feat yet unknown to Black Rock City.  Man-made or mythical, this structure is your portal; your doorway between the land of the living and what lies beyond.  This is OSIRIS.  This is your passage between worlds – a place where music, passion, and art are created.  Though you may exit OSIRIS, you are changed forever.  You have glimpsed the Underworld, with OSIRIS as your guide.


The Osiris Burners are a cooperative effort between multiple disciplines – builders, visionaries, engineers, welders, artists, musicians, and raw muscle – whose collaborative efforts have manifested as OSIRIS. Our mission is to bring a gift worthy of the pharaohs to the Citizens of Black Rock City, a scale replica of a pyramid to adorn the playa skyline. The pyramid, designed by a structural engineering team, will be constructed from 8” steel pipe, and will stand 57 feet high at the center, 90 x 90 feet at the base, and feature a wind and UV resistant cover. The goal is to fill the vacancy left by the 10:00 anchor. We have created this impressive structure to visually and creatively stimulate the playa, and like the Phoenix rose from the ashes, OSIRIS serves to bring something new, fresh and exciting to the Esplanade. The pyramid will house a 145,000 watt sound system and will be host to a DJ lineup featuring DJs DJs Travis T, DJ Mira,...and may more! We will be hosting camp events for the Burn Week – nightly DJs playing the hottest, drrrtyest music...